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Confessions of a skeptic How can I put this? I do not believe in reincarnation. Not in this lifetime. I think Fitzgerald correct, there are no second acts. One day I will die and it will be that. is thus an immovable rock my opinion on the subject. So when my agent – who believes in everything except to me – asked me to write a book about reincarnation, I said “Sure.” Why choose an extreme skeptic, a journalist (for the love of God!), A Cassandra marinated in cynicism of HL Mencken smoke to write a book about something as ethereal and full of hope than faith. It would be like turning the rationalist Fox (no relation to the irrational media Fox) in bulk barn in the paranormal? Clearly, he needed an unbeliever Thomas, a scoundrel, a cynical mood show the revision was not home Who better to vouch for the integrity of a certificate moaner Disney World? And then there’s that other interesting question: why should I accept this job? The answer is simple. No se. I like to look prohibits rooms, I see Hannity (just to yell at all), I push a toothache. I told Ed Koch I thought I was doing (did not appreciate the advice, but as I always say, do not ask and I will not say.) Who is the ghost in the hotel? Bridey Murphy? Some gullible slaves to the opinions of the occult outraged? No, to me, a non-reliable Sayer. I saw my duty and back in the past, I walk. There were, of course, a good match. To make this book, which would that kind of “pass” in a talk. In other words, the child who is the subject of this book has lived in Lafayette, Louisiana – the Deep South – part of the country where there was more of a near-death experience. In 1971 when I was a reporter for Newsday in Long Island, I rode with Charlie Evers (brother of slain NAACP civil rights leader, Medgar Evers,) while campaigning for governor of Mississippi. We drove around the Mississippi Delta and as we drove through presentations on the road, I heard the sound of bullets whistling our windshield. The snipers in the trees. Charlie put a loaded gun in the car seat, if we now have an apartment. A spare tire in this part of Mississippi in the ’70s has not enough. That’s how I remembered the south. With the fear and disbelief. But this was 2007 and James Leininger lived in the quiet coastal plain of Louisiana – a city of Lafayette. There were no Obama signs, but not Poker palace was extended display and fast food and a decent hotel. (In a chicken restaurant, while I was in line for lunch, the senior management of all staff, then went out and asked if anyone on the line, I wanted a job. I went to a McDonald’s.) Bruce and Andrea Leininger were a beautiful couple. It is not easy. She was a ballet dancer in New York and studied political science at the University Colombia under Zbigniew Brzezinski. Now, he worked in the human relations in the oil industry. When I have out there, and started working on the book, had no clear idea of how this story was conducted – Just something miraculous had their son James under his roof. It was a painful and difficult – to put it all together, get the correct sequence, the verification of data, find the appropriate structure. Together we have deadlines and tables made and put on paper: In 2000, when James was only two years, began to mourn in his sleep – not always in line – but appeared in a pilot killed in World War II battle of Iwo Jima. At first it was just a child having nightmares. But gradually, over time, the child, James Leininger began providing incredible detail to speak coherently, adding strange things – minutiae driver – James Huston – his life and history. The information disclosed was of such magnitude and diversity can not be excluded, and even now, although still do not believe in reincarnation, I have no reasonable explanation for the story to relax. I’ve heard people say, oh, must have been caused or influenced by television. But he was a child in diapers, still pulling on a bottle. How could it be trained to learn the flight characteristics of fighter aircraft of the Second War II era? How could he know the names of the ships and sailors who took part in a battle at any given time? James Leininger has been reviewed and tested by Carol Bowman, an authority on the subject of children who are supposed to have lived “past lives.” Its authenticity is guaranteed. James had already appeared on television (a filter medium that is union, if not a scientific status), and has been recognized by the paranormal community that is more authentic to an American “past life.” Children who are “past lives” is a well-established (albeit controversial) field of paranormal studies. Several universities have departments dedicated to the study. It has always been the intention Bruce to discredit the story of her son. It was an evangelical Christian and thought that the evidence of reincarnation would undermine their faith – a life, a soul, eternal. Andrea has accepted the claims of his son and gave no special religious significance for the set. But Bruce was furious. Over time, it was found that had an annual meeting of the members of the ship that had designated his son in his sleep. If I could prove that there were no pirates (the plane that James insisted he had flown in the war) would set out its arguments that the story was not true and his faith was safe. Bruce began attending meetings of the surviving members of the crew Natoma Bay – an escort carrier took part in the battle. He collected the facts, confirming the data provided by his son James, confirming all the pirates had not Natoma Bay. He clung to this gap as a holy grail. But something strange happened. During his quest to discredit the story, Andrea followed by families of crew members dead and has finally found James Huston’s sister, Ann. The sister had never had any contact with the ship or to meetings. However, James Leininger was curious, and finally, favorable to his claims of his brother. She was old and it was difficult for her to travel to California, however, if it has sent a batch of photographs taken of his brother during the war. And in a couple of pictures, James Huston was not standing in front of a Corsair. There were other strange things – when she sent me a picture that James Leininger is the mother of James Huston – the child is asked if other image? The other picture – buried in the attic since the sixties – it was a picture of Ann. His mother had made two drawings as a child. How could he have known that James Leininger? Ann was stunned. Nobody knew about this other table. Except his brother died. As I say, I believe in reincarnation. I can not believe in carnation. I am a secular rationalist skeptic. But I have no reasonable explanation for James Leininger / Huston. © 2009 Ken Gross, co-author of Soul Survivor: the reincarnation of a Fighter Pilot WWII About the Author

Ken Gross, co-author of Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot, is a novelist and nonfiction writer who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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