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What is interesting / unique topics for discussion of speech? I have to present "both sides of a controversial issue" using speech class. What are the box next to the issues that have yet to research? I do not care nerd issues, and should appeal to a public college age. Please do not tell policy (unless policies can be interesting think) The political economy of the death penalty does not border gun too crazy like "what is best in the office or South Park? research still needs to have available. Abortion is always a good with a lot of research on both sides, and logos, and pathos of philosophy to it. But it is a bit exaggerated .. Perhaps the existence of God. Whether atheist, religion, Christian or otherwise, may be difficult for people in their comfort zone and to advocate for the other side. I think if you ask something deeply and still believe, then it's really worth believing in it. A I once wrote a debate speeches on both sides of this, is an A! The effects of videogames on children's behavior? If I think of anything else, I'll keep you posted ..
The Science and Politics of Cancer (2005) – Part 1

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