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What are the main trends that have affected governments cope well with Latin American political economy? period colonial period to the current neo-liberal, how these trends will shape economic policy in Latin America? and politics? Congratulations to a legitimate political question, usually have to cover a lot of stupid questions before I can respond intelligently. However, I have no no answer really trained for it. I must say, first of all, many countries in Latin America is not strategic and economic importance. I can not say the same of the lower half of South America, I do not know enough about to make exports. Regarding Mexico, and bordering countries of Ecuador, its main export should be tourism. But the lack of usable resources and legitimate in the region to ban the ability of governments to reach their full potential. there many more benefits amoungst the ideal conditions in which drugs can be produced. governments are almost forced to confirm local agreements with the sole purpose to maintain power. This makes it very easy to bribe. For this reason, it is potentially dangerous to visit, and the tourism market are never really. also to governments, Mexico, sales alliance with the rich countries, and claims of corruption (and misappropriation) alienating the possibility of maintaining a class half that in a capitalist society of the middle class is the backbone of economic structure.
George Washington Speaks to America

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