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My Thoughts On Tory Political Party

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Sharon asks…Watching the Tory Party Political broadcast?with David Cameron on TV.

After the opening line, I stopped listening.

Does anyone trust anything these people say anymore?

Thankyou for your answers =)Political News Writer answers:(From the States) I was going to say…we’d trade ours for yours…but, I couldn’t do that to a friend…lol…there’s LOTs of talk about another revolution over here…people are really getting quite tired of all the B.S. And NO kept promises…the socalled leaders are getting a wee bit big for their pants…Chris asks…Are the 3 big political party’s spreading rumors of a hung Parliament to attempt to stop people voting bnp/uki?Looking at the opinion polls they seem to show a large Tory lead and most weekly polls including put the Tory party ahead by a margin.

Are the political 3 big party’s and the news papers that back them individually trying to convince people of the possibility of a hung Parliament to attempt to prevent individuals from voting for the smaller party’s ie: ukip/bnp/greenPolitical News Writer answers:Doubt it. Both Labour and the Tories would want to be telling everyone that they are going to win hands down. The reason why they say it is going to be a hung parliament is because this is what they are getting from the people on the streets.

The BNP do not have a chance anyway. UKIP have a slight chance of getting some seats, but will probably not get any, they only got 2.2% of the vote at the last election, the BNP got 0.7% of the vote.John asks…Have the main political parties (Tory/Conservative, New Labour, and Liberal Democrats) ruined the country?Have the main political parties (Tory/Conservative, New Labour, and Liberal Democrats) ruined the country? It seems to have started with Thatcher (Tory) and Blair (New Labour).Political News Writer answers:I think thatcher did start the down hill of the country, new labour tried to make amends for all the things that bloody woman did to this country, they did succeed in some areas such as the nhs, putting more funding into schools, which the tories weren’t really concerned with. All her tories were concerned with were the rich, new labour aimed to look after the people in general. I think the thieving punks who are within government spending are money to go on holiday and fix up there 2nd and 3rd homes have ruined the country yes. The liberals haven’t really done anything. Yes labour have made mistakes, but comparing from who they took over from, haven’t done that badly. I have to say though im not trusting new tories either, so looks like the only vote is the green party.David asks…Would you vote for a political party “The Labour/Tory/Libdem Feather My Own Nest Snout in the Trough Party”?Honesty might just encourage votersPolitical News Writer answers:I don’t want to worry you…….but such a party already exists!
It’s called the LibLabCon Party and it controls Parliament!
It represents the interests of the wealthy and of global businesses in return for lucrative retirement settlements. It is also funded by a system of theft from the taxpayer called “expenses”.
It is violently opposed to the democratic process and is currently striving to bury the UK in the totalitarian superstate of the EU which is ruled by the unelected, Bilderberg appointed “Commission”.
Oh……and NO, I won’t be voting for it! I’ve got more than one brain cell.Linda asks…How would you go about setting up a Political party?Maybe it’s time somebody set up another party. It should be called the People’s party.
All the other parties do not look at the views of the nation but a select part of it “IE”
Tory = Rich mans party
Labour = The Euro soft on everything except motorist’s party (AKA the working mans party)
and so on why is there not a party that has the whole nation at the centre of it’s policies it’s time there was.

Your valued opinions please.
Sorry Kamran lol.
serendipity see your point mate lol.Political News Writer answers:Where have you got the idea from that the Tories are just the rich mans party ? That is sooo wrong. I was brought up as one of 10 children – without any state subsidence – worked hard at school, got a good job, then a better one and eventually became a company director. I now do not need to work, due to my own hard work and i still vote Conservative. Most of my siblings have done the same and a lot of other families we grew up with voted the same way – none of us were rich then. When labour talk about the working man they are referring to someone who works with their hands- blue collar rather than white. They do not look for their party members achieving the same status that they have! The libs are wishy washy – always have been – no hopers but mean well. The Tories have had some justified awful press in the last few years but now they have Brown and co on the run and everything that we feared from this pack of charlatans presently governing us has come to pass, ineptitude, implausibility, ill thought out policy making, immigration fiasco, the pensions crisis, the war and now the missing data of 25,000,000 people MISSING IN THE POST ?

Forget about trying to set up a new party – there are already too many out there snipping away at votes that would rid us of this ghastly labour shower.Lisa asks…Going Green under a Blue Banner of the Tory party….?

Looks like another Tax excuse.

If I run a computer and it uses allot of electric, so be it, I pay for the electric and what has that go to do with the Tory party in anycase?

I have green issues at heart and I use where possible energy efficient appliances and lighting so I do my bit but it takes the “P” when you have a political party proposing radical ideas like this.

I only use TV to play DVD’s for my son, I don;t watch TV, I get everything via the internet so it is a bit of a “P” take when you read articles like that, if you have a plasma screen TV, enjoy it, you paid for it, you have to pay for the lekkie which is taxed!!! dont for getthat, so what is the Tory party making plans like these for?

IM waiting for the Lib Dems and New Labour to stick their 2 pennys worth in the pick n mix.

What are your views?Political News Writer answers:There’s something like £12 billion of personal debts out there in voter-land, ££millions of it being written off by the legalised theft that is IVA, and Camera-on and Co want to force people who are already on the poverty line to buy greener TVs, fridges etc, and have solar panels installed. If not, those folks will pay more tax than those who can afford to splash out on such luxuries.

If anyone ever needed proof that the Tories (which is an old Gaelic word for “thief”, incidentally) are there only for the well-off, look no further than this.

What I want to know is, how does one carry a new fridge while riding back from the shops with one’s bought-and-paid-for wife on a pushbike while hugging a hoodie? Adds a whole new meaning (and image!) to the term “multi-tasking”.

And this idiot thinks he should be in the top seat for Britain?

Good Q, Cheek. Take a star.Laura asks…The Tories were an English political party that…?A.

reflected urban business interests.


supported broad royal powers.


was dominated by Roman Catholics.


supported religious toleration.Political News Writer answers:APowered by Yahoo! Answers

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