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My Thoughts On Centrist Political Party

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Ken asks…Would you support a new centrist rational political party, the NSE party?Would anyone support a new political party called Neither Stupid Extreme? Republicans seem to like war and money and little else. Democrats don’t seem to understand the need for successful growing businesses with reasonable taxation. I believe we need rational leaders with proven managerial abilities that care for both people and business and strive for a happy compromise and an efficient government. Would you support this?Political News Writer answers:Horrible name, but this is all but inevitable if both parties continue to move farther and farther from center, as they have been for over a generation now. This is actually already starting to happen, with groups like the Independence Party of Minnesota, and the Moderate Party of Rhode Island leading the way, and a bunch of small groups in other states that are starting to bubble up.

The country really is a tinder box… I call what is going on the “centrist / moderate groundswell”, since it’s clearly not yet a movement, but the big tent center is mostly disconnected from the two major parties, and looking for other options.

If you’re not kidding, I’d contact Ken Block at the Moderate Party of Rhode Island, for advice on how to get started. He really has his head on straight… Went from zero to having statewide ballot access for his party in something like two years, and will be running a bunch of state senate candidates this year.Laura asks…Who would be interested in forming a new national political party- The Moderate/Centrist party?For those of us forced out of the Republicans Big Tent (Now, Including Joe the Plumber). We could also teach the youth that being a moderate will give them a much better choice of candidates in all the other parties because the other parties NEED the moderates/centrists to actually win elections.
Being critical is welcome as long as you make sure it is constructive and not just another Republican NO to try and prevent it from being explored.Political News Writer answers:I agree. The Republican party is talking about becoming “more” conservative, insuring they will both solidify their base and never win another election.Daniel asks…If Barack Obama, for some reason, decides to establish a third (centrist) political party, would you join it?Now THAT would be change, wouldn’t it?
Clean out the old ways at Capitol Hill!

The huge sums the Obama campaign harvested from small donors via the web are justly famous. But the scale of its web-enabled grassroots network was nearly as prodigious—and just as consequential. A database containing a staggering 13 million e-mail addresses, at least 3 million of them belonging to donors. Two million active users and 35,000 self-starting affinity groups on MyBarackObama .com. A million cell-phone numbers of people who requested the campaign send text messages to them. Countless names on volunteer lists from Obama’s sprawling get-out-the-vote effort on Election Day—by which time fully 25 percent of the people who pulled the lever for him were already connected to the campaign electronically.

The political implications of this network are impossible to overstate. “They have basically invented their own party that is compatible with the Democratic Party but is bigger than the Democratic Party,”
the Republican media savant Stuart Stevens, who helped to elect George W. Bush twice, argues. “Their e-mail list is more powerful than the DNC or RNC. In essence, Obama elected as an independent with Democratic backing—like Bernie Sanders on steroids.”Political News Writer answers:Obama is for the change but I don’t think , he is gonna go that far.. If he did I would follow him …no doubt about that.. I watched him last sunday at ABC interview with George.. He is such a impressive and intelligent guy which he puts my mind to ease that things are gonna be ok… It is gonna take time but he will take us from the ditch to the back on track..

Count down lol
8 days left and I can’t wait ..

Cheers!!!Sandra asks…Extremism-is there any Political Party that is TRULY Centrist?Conservatives are too Heartless
Liberals go to far morally

is there any Political Party that is TRULY Centrist?
(I found this—> News Writer answers:Actually, the democrats fall almost exactly in the center on the global political spectrum.

The republicans used to be slightly right of center, but in the last 30 years they’ve completely purged the liberals and moderates from their ranks and replaced them with war-mongering neo-con chickenhawks and rabidly fundamentalist religious wackos… Making them far-far-right today.Maria asks…Is the Tea Party the most centrist/moderate of all the political ideologies in America?The Tea Party ideology echoes the Constitution and the core principles of our Founding Fathers. That ideology should be considered the base-line for American politics. The further an ideology strays from that, the more radical it should be considered.
Do you agree, or are you illogical?Political News Writer answers:The Tea Party is centrist/moderate???

That’s a new one! You have a hilarious sense of humor!

A moderate party would be one that’s easily able to compromise with both the left and the right. The Tea Party is not only far right, but they consider compromise to be a dirty word.

I see a lot of opinion in your question portrayed as fact. Any one of them would be the basis for a spirited intellectual discussion. But when you frame things as anyone disagreeing with you being illogical, it’s pretty obvious you have no interest in anything intellectual.

Incidentally, I am a moderate. But from your extreme to-the-right viewpoint, I probably look like a liberal.Mary asks…Has Obama created a new political party?Otherwise know as the Centrist Party. Seems to me he is pissing off not just the far right as expected but also the far left. Given the poor ratings of both Republicans and Democrats maybe this kind of Obama change is just what the US needs.Political News Writer answers:He’s a lying ultra-leftist. Republicans in his admin, are simply window dressing. The true work will be done behind the scenes and behind their backs. Watch for the “republicans” to leave as soon as they catch on. If they don’t leave, they are RINO’s.Paul asks…Left , Right or Centrist political parties ! they are all Brahmin first !?Nuke Deal is the excuse. it’s fourth year of UPA coalition. we all know the tricks. whether it’s CPM ( mr Subhas chokrovorty or mr budhadev bhattcharya ) or BJP or Congress all deals set in motion to ensure that the upper castes remain in the saddle for years to come. Now that BC/OBC MP/ MLAs are getting unified for reservation in IIT/IIMs and even in pvt industries as well as judiciary it’s time for another election . the excuse the NUKE DEAL. let’s defeat their ill design.
those you are banging your head in despair because some lower caste demanding the equal if not better share of the cake may i remind you :
are you brahmin or upper caste hindu b’cause of your merit or by birth? if by birth and not by system of Varna would you declare your profession in public and get att to that caste eg is mr lal krishna advani , a govt servant ( naukar) still continue to be a brahmin or a sudra by your own definition. wake up to the realities of life. 50 years of reservations for SCs ( majority usupered by the upper caste by taking advantage of the rotten system held by your clan ) out of stated 5000 years of glorious hindu history is too short a time in comparison. you and your ancestors enjoyed the fruits against caste system tailor made to for your clan and now you are trying to take them all in the name of merit in a democracy where the rule of majority is to be firmly est. it’s most unfotunate that 2% brahmins are still able to manipulate this or that way.Political News Writer answers:Don’t feel inferior to anybody.You are still lagging at least 25 years in time.There is inequality among backward classes and even among the most backward classes.Let them all come out of it through proper education and eliminate the discrimination which is now going on at a slow pace.
If only you have the will you will find wayPowered by Yahoo! Answers

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