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My Thoughts On Us Political Parties History

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Sandy asks…US history help ASAP : North and South during 1840s and 1850s ?In following areas
1) population
2) infrastructure
3) social classes
4)politics and political parties
5) economic systemsPolitical News Writer answers:This sounds like a school assignment, so you’re safest looking at whatever texts or resources your teacher directed you to. He or she might be looking for specific answers from specific sources.

However, you may already know that the north was more populous than the south in the years prior to the Civil War. Also, the north was becoming more industrial while the south remained primarily agricultural.Ruth asks…I need help with US History?need to describe the rise and development of political parties economically, socially, geographically, and about the leaders
i mostly need help with the economy part
the time period is the jeffersonian age. 1800-1824Political News Writer answers:You would be a lot better off going to this site. All you will gt here is rhetoric and rants;_ylt=AopvlZB_5OlGKeSySnW1rque5HNG;_ylv=3?sid=396545015Nancy asks…Why is not belonging to a political party not a condition to be nominated for the US Supreme Court?I filed a while ago the same question using the words “non-partisanship” instead “not belonging t a political party”

I think this clarifies my thoughts. But I understand that “not belonging” does includes persons which even if not formally registered, have nevertheless a history of actions or opinion consistently following the position of a given political party!.Political News Writer answers:It would be a great idea – but then a piece of garbage like Li’l Bush would STILL find the very worst child molester “conservative” to shove onto the court. So it doesn’t really matter.

Judges are supposed to be smart enough to stay above politics – but probably not in these latter days.Mark asks…CALLING ALL US HISTORY JUNKIES?In his farewell address, George Washington warned against political parties, debt and becoming involved in entangling alliances. If Washington could examine modern American history would he be more likely to say, “See I told you so!” or “Well maybe I was mistaken – parties, debt and alliances aren’t so bad after all.”Political News Writer answers:You really made a mess of things. Did I not tell you these things would bite you in the a**?Lizzie asks…us history help ???????One of the nation’s first political parties
Question 10 answers

grew out of democratic societies.

was begun after the war by the loyalists.

convened at the Constitutional Convention.

was the Progressive Party.Political News Writer answers:You are cute and i like you <3Chris asks…US History please help, best answer gets 10 point !!?This political party served as the victims in the Watergate scandal.

a. Republicans
b. Democrats
c. Green Party
d. IndependentsPolitical News Writer answers:Actually, though the “break-in” was directed against Democrat Party headquarters located in the Watergate Hotel in Washington, the actual victim if we’re speaking of political parties was the Republican Party. Eventually, one of their Presidents, Richard M. Nixon, was forced to resign – a first in the nation’s history – and an “appointed” Vice-President, Gerald Ford, took his place. Ford was appointed because Nixon’s Vice-President, Spiro Agnew pleaded nolo contendo (no contest) in a corruption scandal in Agnew’s home state. With Agnew gone and Nixon under mounting pressure from Congressional hearings, the embattled President chose Ford, an old hand in Congress, well liked and considered honest (and dumb). Ford served out Nixon’s term, reneged on his promise not to run in 1976 from his position as “appointed President” and was beaten by Jimmy Carter, a Democrat.

So, though the Watergate break-in was directed against the Democrats, the real victims were the Republicans.Powered by Yahoo! Answers

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