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My Thoughts On Political Party Realignment

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Steven asks…Political Party Realignment?There was a particular point in time when it was easy to tell apart the divisions within a particular party. They were all nice and neatly labelled like “Cold War Liberal” or “Rockefeller Republican” or “Clintonite” or “Neo-Conservative.”

Given the great debates currently going on within both parties, I wanted to ask folks their opinions as to what they think the new divisions are.

From what i see:

On the Republican side – The Western/Economic/Libertarian branch of the party (The Big Tent) has surged due to the blunders of the Social/Southern Conservatives and their Neo-Con allies.

On the Democratic side – The old Clinton vs. Kennedy squabble is alive and kicking with Obama serving as a surrogate. “Clintonism” and its middle of the road approach seems on the outs as the party searches for another vision..although their not quite sure what this new vision should be.

Thoughts?Political News Writer answers:I think immigration is also going to be a big shaper of the partys as well.
The divisions haven’t formed completely in the Dems on this subject yet.
If McCain actually wins, the GOP will have to change it’s tune on this wedge issue, and may take it away as a gimmie to the Dems.

Nice question!Chris asks…Are pollsters right that a political realignment taking place and the republican party is losing support?I believe the exact explanation was “Bush is creating Democrats”.Political News Writer answers:It’s been predicted for years, now, that Bush’s unpopularity would hurt his party. That’s why the democratic primary started so early, and got so bitter – because they knew the winner of the nomination would win the Presidency by default.

The only surprising thing is that the republicans haven’t lost even more ground…Susan asks…what political realignment took place as a result of reconstruction? what regions of the nation did not change?what political realignment took place as a result of reconstruction? what regions of the nation did not change their political party loyalty?Political News Writer answers:South was still solidly Democrat.Lisa asks…would NDA form government ?would there be realignment of political forces after election results are declared?Though i am not a supporter of BJP, i have to say that there are some smart political managers in BJP like M.Venkayya naidu, MODI , Arun Jaitley who knows how to get things done. yester day, the TRS which was in the Third front joined NDA.
After 16th May, TDP, AIADMK, parties in third front would join NDA, if the political managers acted smartly and pave way for the formation of NDA government.Political News Writer answers:NDA had five allies in 2004. Now its 10. They have got TRS,RLD,Indian National Lok Dal,AGP,Gorkha Janamukthi Morcha.
UPA is losing its allies. Left,Paswan,Lalu,NCP,SP,JDS are all out from UPA.
Trinamool and DMK have just said they would reconsider. AIADMK,BSP would never go with UPA.
So who is left in UPA to get them to power..!!?!?

NDA will sure form the new Government..!!!William asks…Please someone help me ! I have questions about realignment (political term)?So I’ve been learning about realignment but I’m really confused cause the teacher didn’t explain it too clearly at all . I have just three questions … if you can only answer just one that would be great but I hope that you can answer all of them .. So the questions that I have are ,

1. What is realignment ?
2. What’s some of the realignments that are associated with both the Republican and Democratic Parties?
3. And What importance does realignment have in terms of American politics??

I hope someone will be able to help me out .. Thanks a lot !!Political News Writer answers:1. It is when there is a major shift in the way a majority in a particular country or region vote.

2. IN the two years between Richard Nixon’s 1968 Presidential victory and the November 1970 elections, the feeling arose that the United States had entered a phase of significant partisan realignment, and that impending changes in voter loyalties were going decisively against the Democrats.

Other examples:

3. Political realignment is the process by which changes have come to the American political scene.

“Until the political realignment brought on by the Great Depression, though, New England and the upper Midwest were as Yankee Republican in their sentiments as the “solid South” was Democratic. While the sections have switched parties, the parties have transformed to reflect the historical philosophies of the sections. Abraham Lincoln of Illinois, with progressive views for his era and a belief in the role of government to partner in economic development, was a true Republican at the time of Bull Run.” asks…The presidential election of 1896 was an example of a __________, when the groups that make up political partiThe presidential election of 1896 was an example of a __________, when the groups that make up political parties are rearranged.
A. realignment
B. college electorate
C. coalition
D. media crisis

Thanks for the help, This is for a sample test for government….Political News Writer answers:A

The 1896 election was a realignment election. The Democratic Party abandoned the true liberalism of Jefferson, Jackson, Van Buren, and Cleveland and adopted the so-called “Progressivism” of William Jennings Bryan and Woodrow Wilson in its place. This was the same ideology as the Republican Party, so the American people have not had a real choice in any election since, as the attempts of true liberals to take back the Democrats (FDR ran as a true liberal and then flip-flopped once elected; Ronald Reagan idolized FDR and later pulled the same stunt in the GOP), take over the GOP (which they nearly did in 1952, after which CIA agent William F. Buckley started National Review to co-opt the true liberals and reorganize the Republicans into the monster they are today, which he regretted having done in his later years; this year, there was another takeover attempt which failed) and attempts to start a 3rd major party (Libertarian Party, Reform Party etc.) have all failed.Charles asks…Black History Month: Why did it take so long for the South to grant equal rights to blacks?and do they today support the constitutionality of the Civil Rights Act of ’64?

In 1964 the issue of ending of racial segregation was brought forward in the landmark legislation known as the Civil Rights Act. Southern Democrats and Republicans overwhelming voting against it (93% and 100% respectively). There were political repercussion’s to President Johnson’s push for a civil rights legilation, he had lost the support of many Southerners to the Democrat Party. Political scientists call this period a “political realignment”, leading to Republicans to consolidate their power. Race and not economics were the main issue for influencing this change.

In the subsequent history, the Supreme Court continued to rule in favor of the Civil Rights Act of ’64. Previously, they had argued that the federal government cannot prohibit discrimination in the private sector. They used the commerce clause in the Altanta Motel Inc v. US decision.Political News Writer answers:Sub-humans do not deserve the same rights as human beings (whites).Powered by Yahoo! Answers

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