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My Thoughts On 3rd. Political Parties In The Usa

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Mary asks…Manmohan singh & nuclear deal?The nuclear deal is under negotiation with the USA for quite some months now. Communist parties and BJP have opposed it. Watching all the intense political activity on this issue what is your opinion of [1] Dr Manmohan Singh, [2] Prakash Karat, [3] Sonia Gandhi, [4] LK Advani, [5] Sharad Pawar, [6] Lalu Prasad Yadav, [7] M. Karunanidhi, [8] Jyoti Basu, [9] Budh Dev Bhattacharjee, [10] other leaders in Congress party, [11] in BJP, [12] in other political parties, [13] the media, [14] the intelligentsia in the country ?
What is your own view ?
Elaborate replies are requested.Political News Writer answers:INDIA GO NUCLEAR – Why, How, When What ?

TO MEET ENERGY NEED AFTER 60 YEARS India shall go nuclear and sign treaty like 123 / NPT.

Is nuclear deal of India with US is really worth? It worth down the line of 50 – 60 years.

[A}.-Why worth ?

1) Fossile fuel is limited in INDIA and world.,
2) Nuclear fuel is also limited in INDIA AS WELL AS in world but can give enrgy for some years.

[B]. – Con of Nuclear?

Cost of coal based power is Rs 1.50 / KWHcompared to Rs 3.00 /KWH for nuclear.

Like petroleum, Foreign currancy will goout for
2). FUEL,
5) dependent on other
6) Possible stopage of fuel on later date (like USA stopped for TARAPUR UNITS, canadian STOPPED FOR RAWTBHATA UNITS)

[C]. – Options for INDIA ?

OPTIONS with little or no foreign currancy OUTGO:

1) WIND mill with limitless energy
2) HYDRAL with limitless life span,
3) SOLAR with limitless life,
4) Municipal waste with limitless life,
5) Agriculture waste WITH LIMITLESS LIFE
7) GAS


[D] Why 50 – 60 years?

Now INDIA MAY SURVIVE with coal and gas, but after 60 years WIND, SOLAR, HYDRAL, WASTE cannot give sufficient energy for the INDUSTRY.

[E].- What is the option ?


[F] What is about foreign currency, dependence?

1). SINCE 50 – 60 YEARS is long. INDIA SHALL EXPLORE IT’S 1800 KM by 2000 km land surface, 100 – 2000 km on sea bed to check if urenium can be extracted economically.
2) USA has formed NSG with 50 countries to deny access to nuclear fuel to countries like NDIA. World has 120 – 150 countries. INDIA can make an extensive search for URANIUM in the remaining POOR countries. It will help that POOR country for their economic unliftment and HELP india to gel fuel. But how does it stop the foreigncurrency outgo? Since these poor contries need is limited to ” ROOTI-KAPDE-AUR-MOKAN”, in which INDIA is strong enough; it can exchagne those goods with NUCLEAR FUEL ( if available). Since these poor countries does not have economical, technological capability, they will welcome help from INDIA.

[G]. Why this deal ?

If INDIA refused to this proposal, OPTION as in [F] above can not be materialised? Why? Since USA is WORLD DADA, it will influence other ( 125-50 = 75) countries not to allow INDIA for exercising OPTION [F]

[H].- Conclusion ?

INDIAN has no option but to sign the deal.Sharon asks…6/3/2009,Poll: U.S. private employers cut more than half millions jobs in May, the “stimulus” is not working?Agree or disagree

See .

What’s your political party and gender?Political News Writer answers:Agree, the only thing being stimulated is crime as some turn to stealing to provide for their needs- this should be called a “Stimuless Plan”.William asks…Did you hear that the mayor of Birmingham, AL was arrested in a corruption probe?I heard this on the radio and lo and behold, no political affiliation of this corrupt politician was given.
What party do you think he belongs to? News Writer answers:You know that when the media doesn’t mention which party they belong to, it’s ALWAYS a Democrat. HA! (Birmingham is a ‘blue’ city).George asks…Don’t you think that it goes both ways Wilson, Obama, West?Here is my point.
1. If you would be a President, where at least 30-50% of population of your country think you were born in Germany, Poland or other country instead of US.
2. Some creep from opposite side of politic party in Congress scream like hell “You lie” and you pardon the dude. (though your own guys, leash dogs, in Congress would still beat the guy to death, or at least rebuke him, and you let them do that after the pardon).
3. You, as a President of USA, no matter public or not, you call a private person of your country a “j***a*s”

Don’t you think you should do one of the following things…

1. Stop calling names to the Private Citizens, they don’t have same powers as you are, and probably were your voters. Is that how you thanking your own voters? No matter what the situation is. You are the President and should keep the image anywhere while someone can still hear or see you.
2. Should resign from the Presidency and became an Actor, Singer, or other Private Figure to be just any Private Citizen and not a Political most powerful person?
3. Just shut up and do your duty for your country as a President and stop putting your long nose to Private Citizen life, even if they are some Music, Movie or other kind of stars. Or stop expecting that people, especially other politicians to show you any respect and not call you names, and scream “You lie”, etc.

Just questioning this behavior and trying to understand who has what rights in USA. Doesn’t respect goes all ways from politicians to President, from President to his citizens…
Is it still free country for USA citizens, or is it concentration camp, where only commandant of the camp has all rights?
I do. That is why I asking.
I don’t belief in conspiracy. If you read question carefully, you would not answer so foolishly. I didn’t say, I am afraid.
I do not care about Beyonce, West, Wilson or Obama and how they perform. This is not question of performance. Please read carefully and answer the question.
When you call people dumb, you should have facts to prove it. Otherwise just be silent. You don’t have anything to say if you don’t have any facts.Political News Writer answers:It has never been a free country.John asks…The Cold War!!! Help plz URGENT ASAP?1. why it would have been a good political tactic for conservative politicians to portray trade unionists and the Labor Party as communists?

2. why do espionage and propaganda played such a significant role in the Cold war?

3. some say it was a direct result of the soviet union imposing its communist system and control on unwiling nation; others that the soviet union was only acting to defend itself and its interests in the face of the USA’s growing economic and political influence. suggest that the fault lay equally with both sides. what do you think??

4. do you think australians might have had good reason to fear a communist ‘takeover’ after the war? why?

5. do you think soviet fear and suspicion of the west. particularly of the use, was justified? explain please?

6. why do you think such suspicious are often exploited by politicians?Political News Writer answers:1)Conservative politicians would blame radical opponents as communists, so they could maintain power, opposed to their radical opponents…People during the cold war feared communism……so they would vote for the conservative politicians….

2) Soviet leaders, would use espionage and propaganda to control the people they ruled over…. Propaganda helped “brainwash” the public and espionage helped put down rebellions….

3) Both superpowers were at war with each other indirectly. But Remember, after WWII, the soviets gained control over eastern europe…. For example, the Czech Republic was democratic before the world war….then taken over by germany…. Unfortunately for the czechs, they were forced to become communists….

The USA wanted to contain communism and the USSR wanted it to spread, because it would have more support….
(Cuban missle crisis, Vietnam war, Korean war are some major examples)

4) sorry but why Australia? It had a stable government and economy im presuming….It never got involved in the world wars…

5) Soviets feared the collapse of communism because it was the only government they were accustomed to….Before Lenin, (who started communism) The Russians were ruled under an autocratic king, who didnt serve the needs of the people….. Communism was a hope of the people for change, yet they never recieved all the benefits.

The soviets were taught to fear the west because their whole society would collapse and turn into ruins…

6) to maintain power…

Hoped this helped ♥Powered by Yahoo! Answers

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