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Sandy asks…(Urgent!!) I can’t understan ” the winner take all” principle(US politics)?I need someone to explain to me what does the principle winner take it all mean (presidental elections)
I have a definition that I cant understand ,it says that “the entire list of presidential electors of the state is won even in the case of narrow voting”
Which is what I cant understand…I thought that primaries were to select one candidate of each party … Why is there a list now???? I’m so confused
Help pleaaaaaase !!! I have an exam sunday ><'Political News Writer answers:In the presidential general election each state gets the number of electoral votes that is equal to the number of senators and congressmen they have. Washington DC also gets 3 electoral votes. In all but 2 states, the winner of the popular vote (even it’s by only one vote) gets all the electoral votes for that state. In Nebraska (where I live) and one other state (I think it’s Maine) the winner of the statewide vote get 2 electoral votes and the winner of each congressional district gets one. In 2008 McCain who the statewide vote in Nebraska. He won the 2nd and 3rd congressional districts. Obama won the 1st congressional district. So McCain won 4 electoral votes and Obama won one.

In a primary election “winner takes all” means the winner gets all the delegates for that state.James asks…Will all these stores closing cause a depression worse than the 1930’s?The real economy contracting rapidly

Behind the reassuring statements from Paulson and others that the “worst is over” the reality of the credit collapse since August 2007 is a deepening economic contraction which I have said several times in this space will surpass the Great Depression of the 1929-1938 period. A good friend who is an unemployed homebuilder in a prosperous part of Arizona just sent me the following list of US department retail store closures. It is worth noting that over 70% of the US GDP is consumer spending and that the entire Federal Reserve strategy of Alan Greenspan after the March 2000 collapse of the stock market bubble, was to bring US interest rates to their lowest levels since the 1930’s in order to stimulate consumer spending on credit, i.e. debt, to avoid “recession.” Note the scale of the following store closings across America in recent weeks:

Ann Taylor closing 117 stores nationwide.
Eddie Bauer to close more stores after closing 27 stores in the first quarter.
Cache, a women’s retailer is closing 20 to 23 stores this year.
Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, Catherines closing 150 stores nationwide
Talbots, J. Jill closing stores. Talbots will close all 78 of its kids and men’s stores plus another 22 underperforming stores. The 22 stores will be a mix of Talbots women’s and J. Jill.
Gap Inc. closing 85 stores
Foot Locker to close 140 stores
Wickes Furniture is going out of business and closing all of its stores. The 37-year-old retailer that targets middle-income customers, filed for bankruptcy protection last month.
Levitz – the furniture retailer, announced it was going out of business and closing all 76 of its stores in December. The retailer dates back to 1910.
Zales, Piercing Pagoda plans to close 82 stores by July 31 followed by closing another 23 underperforming stores.
Disney Store owner has the right to close 98 stores.
Home Depot store closings 15 of them amid a slumping US economy and housing market. The move will affect 1,300 employees. It is the first time the world’s largest home improvement store chain has ever closed a flagship store.
Macy’s – 9 stores closed
Movie Gallery ­ video rental company plans to close 400 of 3,500 Movie Gallery
and Hollywood Video stores in addition to the 520 locations the video rental
chain closed last fall as part of bankruptcy.
Pacific Sunwear – 153 Demo stores closing
Pep Boys – 33 stores of auto parts supplier closing
Sprint Nextel – 125 retail locations to close with 4,000 employees following 5,000 layoffs last year.
J. C. Penney, Lowe’s and Office Depot are all scaling back
Ethan Allen Interiors: plans to close 12 of 300 stores to cut costs.
Wilsons the Leather Experts ­ closing 158 stores
Bombay Company: to close all 384 U.S.-based Bombay Company stores.
KB Toys closing 356 stores around the United States as part of its bankruptcy reorganization.
Dillard’s Inc. will close another six stores this year.

For anyone familiar with American shopping malls and retailing, this represents a staggering part of the daily economic life of the nation, from furniture stores to clothing to video rentals to leather. The process has only begun and neither major party Presidential candidate has dared to mention this on the ground economic reality, because they evidently have no solutions to offer that would not jeopardize their campaign finances. Obama is tied to not only Pritzker but also to Omaha billionaire, Warren Buffett and George Soros. McCain depends on the traditional money contributions of the Republican Party which demand permanent tax reform for highest income earners and a pro-bank laissez faire treatment of millions of homeowners facing home foreclosure and asset seizure by banks.Political News Writer answers:No, but raising taxes during that same time frame most definitely will!Sharon asks…Website that lists all candidates and their views on the various issues?For the U.S. presidential (and Senate/ House, or even local government for that matter), I am looking to research the various candidates (including third party candidates and “unknowns”) and where they stand on many various issues. I’m looking to be more educated as a voter.Political News Writer answers:I’m glad you want to actually read about the issues and become a more educated voter – I don’t think enough people are actually bothering to read candidate’s voting records and stances on the issues! More power to you, good luck making your choice.

Main party presidential candidates:

Main party vice-presidential nominees:

Third party presidential candidates:
(There are more candidates listed on the page, but I’m apparently only allowed to post up to 10 links. Have a look at the left-hand column on for other names.)

Also, since you are actually interested in the facts (again, well done!!) you might be interested in this:

This website, run by the St. Petersburg Times, aims to analyze the claims candidates have made about each other and sort the factual attacks from the lies. It’s very handy and thorough and unbiased.Carol asks…whose with me on this? its time to clean house and get rid of all the house reps and senators?americans – we have to do a little better when we choose people to represent us in DC. both parties are pointing fingers – but all in all they are all in this mess together. both dropped the ball. this isnt only a bush admin cluster, it a capital hill cluster, clinton admin, and the list goes on and on.
even our current presidential candiates are staus-quo – this election is becoming a joke…………. who really is in the campaign for the people, not just their party?
Thoughts?Political News Writer answers:I want term limits, 4 yrs is long enough for Congressman. Than throw them out, if the want to run in another four yrs fine, but 4 and done

McCain Palin 2008
Real Change we can believe inHelen asks…Is it possible that Hillary might become Obama’s VP after all?WASHINGTON — Barack Obama told a potential donor to his campaign that Hillary Rodham Clinton is on his list of possible vice presidential running mates, but that her husband’s status as a former president makes matters “complicated.”
supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, said Obama reached out to her because he heard she was unhappy about the way the New York senator had been treated by the Democratic Party and the media.

Iscol turned their phone conversation Thursday to the vice presidency — something the Obama campaign has refused to discuss publicly. She said she told him that Clinton would be his best running mate.

Obama replied that she is on his list, Iscol recounted, and that it would be a mistake not to have her on such a list. But he also explained that he was thinking through a potential “complication” — Bill Clinton.


What say you?Political News Writer answers:Not likely. Though more likely than McSame.Donald asks…Please help me in my law class?The federal government may regulate all methods of intrastate transportation and communication.
A) True
B) False
Until proven valid, a rule adopted by an administrative agency is invalid.
A) True
B) False
Only a person who has a legally recognized right or interest that has been harmed by an administrative action has the right to appeal.
A) True
B) False
An administrative agency cannot hold a hearing without a jury.
A) True
B) False
The APA requires that each federal agency publish a statement of the rules, principles, and procedures followed by the agency.
A) True
B) False
A state may prohibit a seller from selling below cost if the purpose is to harm competitors.
A) True
B) False
Administrative agencies may make the rules, police the community to see the rules are obeyed, and sit in judgment to determine violations of their rules.
A) True
B) False
When the attorney general of a state files a class action suit, the state sues as the “parent of its people.”
A) True
B) False
Agency investigations of possible violations of agency rules are handled through independent enforcement agencies.
A) True
B) False
Within the area in which the administrative agency is authorized to make decisions, the agency can be regarded as a specialized court or court of limited jurisdiction.
A) True
B) False
The Federal Trade Commission administers the law prohibiting unfair methods of competition.
A) True
B) False
Modern administrators cannot make laws, but they can argue persuasively before Congress for the passage of needed legislation.
A) True
B) False
The Federal Register lists all administrative regulations, presidential proclamations, and executive orders on a semiannual basis.
A) True
B) False
The Sherman Act may apply to production activities even if consumers are not involved.
A) True
B) False
A manufacturer with distributors in New York City may give its newer distributors free advertising and other services to help them compete with the distributors who have been doing business for a number of years and have become firmly established.
A) True
B) False
The Clayton Act prohibits price discrimination between different buyers of like commodities when the effect may be to substantially lessen competition.
A) True
B) False
State governments may regulate business in all of its aspects, even if such regulation imposes a burden on interstate commerce.
A) True
B) False
Administrative agencies generally are not subject to the rules of evidence.
A) True
B) False
Governments may own factories and may compete with privately owned businesses.
A) True
B) False
The Sherman Act provides that every contract in restraint of trade is illegal.
A) True
B) False
An administrative agency is barred from examining the records of a business enterprise by the Constitutional guarantee against unreasonable search and seizure.
A) True
B) False
An administrative agency whose erroneous decision causes a regulated person or enterprise substantial loss is liable for such loss regardless of whether the agency acted in good faith.
A) True
B) False
In a rule of reason case, a business practice may not harm competition.
A) True
B) False
When a hearing is requested after an agency has acted, the burden of proof shifts to the party who objected to the agency’s conclusion.
A) True
B) False
The U.S. Constitution imposes significant limits on the power of any agency to conduct an investigation.
A) True
B) FalsePolitical News Writer answers:Law school is intended to teach you more than the law. It is also intended to hone your analytical and reasoning skills.

Having someone else do your homework will not serve you well.

You must do your own homework or risk failing in law school and/or the practice of law.

Now get off the computer and get to work!Richard asks…I am going to take a final on the July 10 and i already answer 115 questions. All i need 85 questions?Hi. I have 200 questions to study for the test. Can anybody help me answer this 85 questions.
Here they are

1. Describe four events that transpire at the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

2. Differentiate super-delegates from elected delegates and describe the impact of super-delegates in the 2008 Democratic primary.

3. Differentiate open primaries, closed primaries, and Caucuses.

4. Describe the Democratic “Texas Two-Step” and which candidate won each part in the 2008 Democratic primary.

5. Describe why many states raced to move up their primary or caucus and describe the fiasco in the Democratic Party over the Michigan and Florida primaries.

6. Differentiate the “winner-take-all” Electoral College system used by 48 states, the Congressional District Electoral College system used by Maine and Nebraska, and the proportional Electoral College system proposed (but rejected) by Colorado voters in the 2004 election.

7. Describe the differing impact of the national popular vote and the state popular votes on the Electoral College vote.

8. List and briefly describe two criticisms of the Electoral College + one current argument for keeping the Electoral College.

9. In our current system, describe what happens when no Presidential candidate gets 270+ Electoral votes.

10. Describe how Electoral College affects campaign strategy in the general election (i.e. the three-step plan for winning the EC vote).

11. Describe three strategies for winning swing states.

12. List four key swing states that Obama carried in the 2008 election that George Bush carried in 2004.

13. Describe three reasons why Obama won the 2008 election.

14. Describe four reasons why the American system of selecting Presidents is undemocratic.

15. Describe how the Supreme Court ruled in Bush v. Gore on each of the three Republican arguments.

16. Differentiate the positions of Classical Liberals v. Classical Democrats with respect to Campaign Finance Reform.

17. Define and discuss the significance of the Iron Triangle.

18. Give three differences between a campaign contribution and a bribe.

19. Differentiate “hard money” and “soft money.”

20. Describe the debate over whether or not a Presidential candidate should take FEC money during the general election and describe the decision that Obama and McCain have made on this issue.

21. Briefly discuss one argument for & one argument against public financing of all federal elections.

22. Briefly discuss one argument for & one argument against free TV time for Presidential candidates.

23. Describe the basic provisions of McCain-Feingold and the arguments for/against it.

24. Define and discuss the significance of 527’s and give an example of a Republican and a Democratic 527.

List and briefly describe three roles of the Modern President.

Define and discuss the significance of the “rally around the flag/president” phenomenon.

Describe how the court ruled and discuss the significance of Youngstown Sheet and Tube v. Sawyer.

Describe how the court ruled and discuss the significance of the Prize Cases.
Describe how the court ruled and discuss the significance of Hamdan v. Rumsfeld.
Describe how the court ruled and discuss the significance of Boumediene vs. Bush
Describe three ways that President’s make policy.
Describe three ways in which President Bush attempted to expand the executive power of the Presidency.
Compare and contrast the veto powers of the US President and the Texas Governor – defining each type of veto.
Describe the Basic Provisions of the War Powers Act of 1973 and briefly describe how the President has circumvented the act.
Differentiate the President’s control over fiscal and monetary policy.
Discuss three source of power for the Texas Lieutenant Governor
Describe (or diagram) how a bill becomes a law.
Describe five ways in which a bill may be killed.
Define pork and earmarks and discuss their significance.
List three major differences between the Texas Legislature and the US Congress OTHER than size or term in office.
List and briefly discuss four roles of US Congress.
Briefly describe what happened 2000-2006 in the Texas Redistricting Fiasco.
Define and discuss the significance of reapportionment and redistricting.
Describe three basic differences between the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate relating to procedure or responsibilities.
Define and discuss the significance of filibusters and cloture and describe the current Democratic situation in acquiring a “filibuster proof” Senate.
Discuss how membership on the House Rules Committee or the Senate Appropriations Committee translates into power for the members of those committees.
Give the names of the current US Speaker of the House, House Majority Leader, House Minority Leader, Majority & Minority Leaders of the US Senate.
NamPolitical News Writer answers:I’m afraid I don’t know.Lisa asks…Why are the Democrats so inept?The US is itching to vote in a Democratic President. Why has the Democratic party put up such a polarizing figure as Obama? Of all the choices in the party, Obama seems to be a poor choice. You would think anyone of the people on Obama’s short list for VP candidate would be a much better Presidential Candidate.Political News Writer answers:The Democratic party has been taken over by The ultra liberal left has taken control. With Harry Reed, Nancy Pelosi, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and don’t for get Kennedy, and the rest of the gang running the show, it will be a long long time before the democrats are able to move back closer to the center and start picking up the votes they so desperately need.
I’m going republican again this year because quite frankly, the left is so full of kooks, that I can’t fathom putting them in charge of my taxes and military.

Hahaha @ Hello. That’s what people say about black people when they can’t find anything else to compliment them on.Powered by Yahoo! Answers

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