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My Thoughts On What Are The Problems Of Political Parties


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Betty asks…what political party sees average americans as the root of change?I want to become involved in making a change for America. I want to inspire people to step away from their personal lives and everyday problems. And realize we need to come together to get the power back to the public. All the people we elect come from elite backgrounds and dont realize the struggles average americans face everyday.. Its time for the face of american majority to really show. Whats the best way to do this? and be credible, career wise?Political News Writer answers:Communism, Read up on Marx, Engels, and Lenin.James asks…What would America be like if there was a single political party?People on the left want the government to take care of all their problems, and people on the right don’t care about anyone but themselves. What’s the point of this constant internal conflict?Political News Writer answers:Eventually america would have been a dictatorship.It is the checks and balances that keep us stable, even with the back ond forth swings.Ken asks…Does each political party have people who are toxic to their own cause and do damage to our country?I always hear about the ones on the Right; Hannity, Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Beck, but…

the Left have their fair share too; Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, Janeane Garofalo, Rosie O’Donnell, Keith Olbermann.

I feel these people are all poisonous to their own cause and deserve much of the blame for dividing our country to the point of making it impossible to compromise and solve our problems.

Cons and Libs alike, what say you??Political News Writer answers:As an independent, YES!

I wish more people would recognize this.Helen asks…What could possibly happen to improve the economy?there are no earth shaking technologies 1, 2 3 or even within the next five years
the government cannot make any more bailouts or stimulus packages
cutting taxes would have little or no effect for at least 3 years, even then there is the question if this would actually stimulate the economy
seriously changing political parties?????? how would this solve the problems of the next 3 years?Political News Writer answers:Cut corporate taxes to remove the lure for companies to move to China.

Break the unions to reduce the costs of our labor and make room for people that are ambitious.

Eliminate capital gains taxes, to attract investment dollars since the banks aren’t lending.

Cut the cycle time of EPA and OSHA regulations that prohibit building of factories.

Drill baby drill. Lift the moratorium on the Gulf, start drilling in ANWR.

Make it illegal to hire illegals from other countries.

This would be a great start, easy to do also.Joseph asks…what are the currently problems in education in Canada?In my civics class,we have to make a political party and I was appointed to be the minister of education. Well, I need to know what are the currently problems in education here in canada… Please help me……..Political News Writer answers:Make me to know thy ways, O LORD;
teach me thy paths.
Lead me in thy truth, and teach me,
for thou art the God of my salvation; for thee I wait all the day long.
Be mindful of thy mercy, O LORD, and of thy steadfast love,
for they have been from of old.Donna asks…What does the question below mean?Have the concerns of the Founders about the problems that interest groups and political parties might pose for our national politics been borne out, if so how? If not, why not?Political News Writer answers:To answer this question, first you have to research how the Founding Fathers felt about interest groups and political parties. Then, based on your research, you have to describe whether or not the Founding Fathers were correct or not about their fears by comparing their thoughts with our national politics today.William asks…What is my political stance?I’m English so please don’t tell me I’m Republican or Liberal etc, politics is confusing enough, I just want to know where I would stand. Here are a few of my beliefs:

I believe in abortion, but strongly oppose the use of it as a ‘contraceptive’.
I don’t think cannabis should be legalized but do think it could be prescribed to people who really need it.
Good, law-abiding citizens should have nothing to worry about when it comes to surveillance.
The NHS and schooling should be major factors in government funding.
I care about the environment.
I believe people own their land/houses, not the government.
I respect the monarchy and the tradition it holds for our country.
I don’t think people who can work but choose not to should receive long-term benefits.
People on benefits for incapacity for example should not be made to feel inferior for accepting money from the state, but helped along in getting well enough for employment.
The major political parties should spend more time fixing problems and helping the country than arguing within themselves.

Thanks in advance.Political News Writer answers:You are a communistPowered by Yahoo! Answers

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